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Spirit of aerospace: Hardworking, fighting,
strategic, contributing
Our goal: To become a well-known brand in the field of high-tech material
and become a first-class manufacturer bearing advantages in civilian goods for aerospace in China
Our spirit: Credible, dedicated, innovative, outstanding
Our style: Unite as one and progress together
Talent philosophy Everyone is talented. Find outstanding talents via competition instead of impression.
Learning philosophy: Keep learning a living habit
Deem learning as a lifelong need
Quality philosophy: Today’s quality determines future market
Safety philosophy: Everyone should care about safety which benefits you in return
Value: Put the national benefits as the first priority; Take people as the foremost
Win trust with good product quality; Become stronger and stronger via innovation
Operation philosophy: Fulfill our duties to the company; spare no effort to customers;
be responsible for staffs.

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Privacy Statement

Longsky Technology focuses a lot on protection of your personal privacy. In the statement, we will describe all the measures taken to protect your personal information when you access our Website in detail, the personal information to be collected by us and its uses as well as the options that you can made to the use of your personal information by us. In addition, we will also describe the measures taken by us to protect your personal information as well as how you can view and correct your personal information. If you access our website, it indicates that you have agreed the information collection and use methods described in the privacy statement.


Collection Of Your Personal Information

When we need the information (personal information) to identify your identity or your contact information, we will ask for your permission. Usually, when you are registering for the related on-line service of Longsky Technology, we will ask you to provide such information. Longsky Technology usually just collects such information as your name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number, home address, education, company information, the industry you belongs to and hobbies.


Control Of Your Personal Information

Longsky Technology will disclose your personal information under the conditions where the legal requirements or related service terms specified on its website and the software licensing agreement are met, or when it believes it must do so with sufficient reasons so as to:

(a) Meet the express provisions of related laws or the legal procedures applicable to Longsky Technology or the Website;

(b) Meet specifications of the service terms relevant with the website of Longsky Technology and related software licensing agreements;

(c) Protect the rights or properties of Longsky Technology and its series Web sites;

(d) Protect the personal safety of the employees of Longsky Technology, its product or service users or the public in emergencies.

Longsky Technology will not share such information with any third party without permission, except under the conditions that have been listed in the statement.


Security Of Your Personal Information

Strictly protect the security of your personal information. We will use various security technologies and programs to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, use or leakage. If you hold any doubt about our privacy protection, please leave us a message.


Use Of Cookie

Longsky Technology uses Cookie to help you personalize your on-line experience. Cookie is a text file stored on your hard disk by the web server and it cannot be used for running the programs or sending viruses to your computer. The Cookie designated to you is unique and it can only be read by the Web server that has issued it to your domain.

One main use of Cookie is to provide a practical function to save time. For example, if you personalize the webpage of Longsky Technology, or register on the Website or server of Longsky Technology, Cookie will help Longsky Technology to call your specific information when you access it subsequently which can simplify the process to record your personal information (such as bill mailing address and primary email address). When you return to the website of Longsky Technology, Longsky Technology can call out all the information you have provided before so that you can use your customized function of Longsky Technology easily. Longsky Technology permits the companies making advertisements on its website to set or obtain Cookie on the computers of users. Other companies shall use the Cookie according to their own privacy policies instead or this policy.

When Longsky Technology conducts the works relevant with its products and services, it will enter our website to extract Cookie via the network beacons.

You can accept or reject the Cookie. Most Web browsers will accept the Cookie automatically, but usually you can modify the settings of your browser as required to reject the Cookie. If you choose to reject the Cookie, you might not be able to experience the interaction functions of the services or website of Longsky Technology you are accessing completely.


Access Your Personal Information

We have provided you with many methods to ensure that your personal information is correct and timely. If you register on the website of Longsky Technology, you can both view or edit the personal information you have submitted to the website of Longsky Technology at any time and delete it at any time.


Collection And Use Of The Personal Information Of Teenagers

Longsky Technology attaches great importance to the security and protection of the collection and use of the personal information of teenagers. Longsky Technology suggests that any juvenile below 16 years old should be permitted by his/her parents or legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as “guardian”) in the written form in advance before attending the online activities.

Longsky Technology will not use the personal information of teenagers or disclose any identifiable information to any third party without the permission of their guardians in advance, unless it’s necessary to do so in order to provide service to the teenagers. With permissions of the guardians, Longsky Technology can collect the personal information of teenagers, but the guardians have the right to reject Longsky Technology to collect the personal information of their children or the persons under their guardianship further and have the right to view or require Longsky Technology to delete the personal information of the teenagers.

Longsky Technology guarantees that it will not require the teenagers to provide additional personal information to attend the online activities.


About Disclaimer

Longsky Technology undertakes no legal responsibility when the following events occur:

1.Provision of your personal information by Longsky Technology as regulated by the related laws or as required by relevant governments;

2.Leakage of your personal information due to you having told your user passwords to other people or sharing the registered account with other people or the reasons not caused by Longsky Technology;

3.Disputes due to any third party using your personal information according to the service terms of Longsky Technology or the conditions listed in the statement;

4.Temporary closing of the website due to the attacks of hacks, intrusion of computer viruses or government regulations;

5.Any outcomes caused by force majeure;

6.Use methods or conditions for disclaimer listed in various service terms or statements of Longsky Technology.



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