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Spirit of aerospace: Hardworking, fighting,
strategic, contributing
Our goal: To become a well-known brand in the field of high-tech material
and become a first-class manufacturer bearing advantages in civilian goods for aerospace in China
Our spirit: Credible, dedicated, innovative, outstanding
Our style: Unite as one and progress together
Talent philosophy Everyone is talented. Find outstanding talents via competition instead of impression.
Learning philosophy: Keep learning a living habit
Deem learning as a lifelong need
Quality philosophy: Today’s quality determines future market
Safety philosophy: Everyone should care about safety which benefits you in return
Value: Put the national benefits as the first priority; Take people as the foremost
Win trust with good product quality; Become stronger and stronger via innovation
Operation philosophy: Fulfill our duties to the company; spare no effort to customers;
be responsible for staffs.

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Terms of Use

It’s considered that he/she has acknowledged having read, understood and agreed the restrictions of these terms of use and complying with all the applicable laws and regulations after entering, browsing and using the website of Hubei Longsky Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”Longsky Technology” for short). If you do not agree to comply with these terms of use, please do not use the website of Longsky Technology (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”). Longsky Technology has the right to update these terms of use at any time and you are subject to restrictions of these updated terms of use, so you should usually access and learn about the terms of use of the Website.


Use Restrictions

Copyrights of all the contents (including but not limited to data, characters, graphs, images, audios or videos, etc.) provided by the Website belong to Longsky Technology or related obligees. Unless being approved by Longsky Technology or related obligees in the written form in advance, you shall not copy, reproduce, spread, publish, re-paste, adapt or list the contents of the Website in any way. At the same time, unless being approved by Longsky Technology in the written form, any one shall not mirror any contents of the Website on the servers not belonging to Longsky Technology. All the behaviors using the Website without being authorized will violate specifications of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China as well as other related laws, regulations and related international conventions.


Change of Contents

Longsky Technology has the right the change and update contents of the Website at any time without noticing you in advance.


Warranty Disclaimer

Longsky Technology cannot guarantee the correctness, timeliness, completeness and reliability of all the contents on the Website as well as the results got after using such contents. Longsky Technology as well as its branches, sub-companies, directors, employees, agents and any other representatives (hereinafter referred to as "related personnel") are not responsible for the errors, incorrectness and omission of any contents on the Website, or the results got after using the contents on the Website.

Longsky Technology and related personnel cannot guarantee that you can enter, browse or use the Website at any time nor be responsible for such conditions that the Website and its contents cannot be used or are used in a wrong way.


Privacy Protection

It’s a basic policy of Longsky Technology to protect the privacy of users. Longsky Technology will not publish or spread any data you used when registering on the Website except in the following conditions:

1)Have been specially authorized by the user in advance;

2)Accord to the requirements of related laws and regulations;

3)Accord to the judgment or adjudication of the court or the arbitration agency as well as requirements of the other judicial processes;

4)Accord to the requirements of related government authorities;

5)Users have such behaviors as violating these terms of use or harming the benefits of Longsky Technology.



Under no circumstances should Longsky Technology and related personnel be responsible for any decisions made or any actions taken based on the contents of the Website due to entering or using the Website, or any direct, indirect and punitive losses or other forms of losses (including but not limited to business interruption, data loss or profit loss) due to entering or using the Website, even though Longsky Technology has been formed that the losses mentioned above might occur.

Longsky Technology and related personnel are not responsible for the damages or losses caused to your computer systems as well as any other software, hardware, IT systems or properties by the viruses or other destructive programs affected after entering, browsing and using the Website or carried in the contents downloaded from the Website.


Links to other Websites

Longsky Technology is not responsible for your entering other websites via the links on the Website. When you enter the other websites, you have completely understood that such websites are irrelevant with Longsky Technology and they are not controlled by Longsky Technology. In addition, this Website provides the links to other websites, which do not means that Longsky Technology acknowledged or shall be responsible for the contents of the other websites or their use. Therefore, you should be careful when entering the other websites so as prevent the damages caused by viruses or other destructive programs.


Applicable Laws

Both the Website and the terms of use are applicable to all the laws of PRC.



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